Posted on Apr 10, 2019

1oz Platinum Bullion bars

Hi, My name is Bill and I am the owner of Premium Quality Coin.
I have been advising customers to look into the platinum market. The recent low prices associated with the precious metal seems difficult to explain. I think if you do your research you may come up with the conclusion that platinum is a relatively undervalued precious metal asset class. I would like your opinion, and if you would like to make a purchase I am here to help. This transaction is sales tax exempt, available in 1oz bars and requires a minimum investment of 20oz. I am taking orders now and will provide secure guaranteed delivery within six business days. Your cost is just spot platinum price plus 39 per 1oz bar, on any pre paid order. Supplies at this price are limited.
Premium Quality Coin is one of a select few dealers in the state who have been a licensed, bonded, and insured precious metal bullion dealer since 1985. We have conducted private, guaranteed transactions for over thirty years.
If platinum is not your bag and you are interested in buying gold, silver, or palladium we can help. There is no reason to deal online since our pricing and service is second to none in the country. We like to help.
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